Loona Anal [Helluva Boss – Helluva Hound 0.2 Gameplay]

Published by Beachside Bunnies on

Loona is exceptionally dominant towards you. She wants her ass worshiped, and it’s up to you to make that happen. I did initially have some dialog about a contract or an obligation to give her anal, but ultimately decided against it to leave the situation open for user interpretation on why it’s happening ;).

The update brings the following features and fixes:

  • Head patting is now added, with reaction dialog
  • Boob Rubbing is now added
  • Butt licking now has all the reaction dialog
  • Butt slapping has a reaction
  • Futa (Both pale and furry options) are now available. The game is moved upward when this setting is on, so you’re able to see a bit more of it.
  • Some new accessories: Panty to the side options, Christmas set, New earrings
  • Fixed the missing shading on Loona’s mouth when talking
  • Some other minor fixes, purchased a license for Adobe Air Harman using Patreon funds (Thank you!), so the splash doesn’t appear on new game versions, etc.

The game runs on Android, Windows, and MacOS. I really hope you enjoy!

For more information on the game please check out the whole page on it here!


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