Lovense Integration

Lovense have a ‘game mode’ in their remote app that allow games to connect to your toys and control them. I have created patterns that match the movement of the characters in my games, so that you can feel the experience with the toy of your choosing. The patterns should work with any toy that is compatible with the Lovense Remote App.

Most of my games now have Lovense support. Only my first older games (Island Secretary and Gadget) are not currently supported.

Currently, The following games support lovense:

  • Fairy FINDR
  • Bandicoot Buddy
  • Interdimensional Engineer
  • Helluva Hound
  • Bunnycop: On-Duty
  • The Bad Fox

How to connect Lovense in Beachside Bunnies games?

Any Lovense toy that is compatible with the “Lovense Remote” app should be compatible with games updated with the “Lovense” button in the main menu.

To connect a toy to any of the games above, follow these instructions:

  1. Start the Lovense Remote app. Connect your toy to the app.
  2. At the bottom of the app, select “Discover” and tap “Game Mode” from the list.
  3. Enable LAN. You will need to be on a local network such as your house wifi for this to work.
  4. Open a Beachside Bunny game and find the lovense button. It will either be on the main menu or in the pop-up menu section.
  5. Enter the IP address shown on the game mode screen in the Lovense App. If you are using the remote app on the same device as the game, you can keep the host IP as “localhost”.
  6. Confirm the port number is written the same in both apps, update accordingly.
  7. Press the connect button. If connection was successful, you’ll be able to test vibration using the test button on this screen.
  8. Start a game scene and enjoy!

If you have any trouble with connecting the app or the toy not vibrating to a scene, please contact me via Patreon Messages, or DM me via Discord.

I don’t have a Lovense toy. Where can I get one?

If you’re interested in experiencing the patterns with a toy, please check out the Lovense store page via my affiliate link. It gives me a little commission with any purchase, which will help me continue to support this functionality on my games.

Helluva Hound with Lovense

Helluva Hound Lovense Update Banner

New with the 0.61 release of Helluva Hound, the update adds lovense patterns to Anal and Vaginal actions. There’s also lovense triggered reactions for ass licking, slapping and pussy licking. The toys will gradually get more intense, with the highest setting triggered when she’s cumming!

Fairy FINDR with Lovense

Fairy FINDR First release banner

Every release of Fairy FINDR is compatible with Lovense toys that work with the Lovense Remote App. There are choreographed patterns to the actions, and custom vibrations for all current endings in the game. Feel the sensation of a tiny fairy pussy edging on the edge of your knob, or feel the vibrations as you fill their wombs up to their limit.

With the Shortstack Update [150], there are now patterns that match thrusting in doggystyle POV.

Bunnycop: On Duty with Lovense

Starting with Bunnycop [0.4.99], all scenes have full lovense support. I have choreographed all movements and thrusting to patterns with Lovense toys, so that your experience will match to the action in-game.

Bandicoot Buddy with Lovense

Bandicoot Buddy Lovense Update Banner

The Bandicoot Buddy + Lovense update [1.56] adds patterns to the game, and accessory save slots. The toy will react to Bandicoot buddy’s movements, such as when she is grinding, riding, and cumming. There is also reactions to licking and boob rubbing that trigger the toy when playing!

Interdimensional Engineer with Lovense

Interdimensional Engineer Lovense Update Banner

The Interdimensional Engineer + Lovense update [1.95] adds manual patterns and save slots. Both the Penetration scenes and the Blowjob scene have vibration patterns that match to the actions. The blowjob scene has buttons that allow you to change the speed of IE at any time, and the toy will adjust accordingly! The toy will also buzz and react to cumming inside her, or when she is swallowing your load.

The Bad Fox with Lovense

The Bad Fox Lovense Update Banner

Starting with the 0.9 update of The Bad Fox, you can now connect any Lovense toy to the game for all actions and interactions.

I hope you enjoy this new functionality I’ve been adding! I think the technology is very cool & sexy.