Island Secretary Minigame (Isabelle Game)

Island Secretary is a Mini-game for Android, Windows and now MacOS. There are 11 dialog sets (44 unique dialogs) and 6 secret dialogs. The game plays in portrait on Android & has vibration choreographed to the animation. After each round, a new item unlocks. Unlock all the items while enjoying all her unique dialogs 🙂

Current Features:

  • Two new secret NTR Settings: IS Cheating on the Mayor, and the Mayor cheating on their GF with IS.
  • Accessories are now saved, closing the app no longer resets them
  • IS’s face, eyes and color has been adjusted slightly.
  • IS is now rendered using ‘cacheAsBitmapMatrix’ . If you see any slowdown or issues on your phone, please let me know, as this is something new I am trying for performance.
  • There’s a new option for a different fur pattern on IS’s legs (Accessory type)
  • MacOS version release.
  • The current version starts with 6 finished times by default, so all options  are unlocked. If you’d like to play from the beginning and unlock items  one at a time again, use the reset button to start at 0.
  • The new accessories are selected by going into the “more” button that appears once all default items are unlocked (6 times)

Xvideos video of the 1.5 Accessory Update:


1.6Quality of life update – Get the latest version here!
1.5 – Accessory Update
1.0 – Initial Release

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