Island Secretary Adult Game (Isabelle Game)

Island Secretary is ready to have fun with you during her shift, so you’d better make it quick! She’s willing to put on new outfits and dress up for you, provided you can go with her all the way… The game is playable on Android, Windows and now MacOS.

There are 11 text set variations, which means a different spoken scene each time you play it through. The game plays in portrait on Android & has vibration choreographed to the animation. Starting with version 1.9, you can now connect and Lovense compatible toy to the game to have the toy vibrate along with the thrusting. After each round, a new item unlocks. Unlock all the items while enjoying all her unique dialogs πŸ™‚

Current Features [1.9]:

  • You can now create your own custom dialog set, click on the message box before starting and type / edit the text in the boxes. You must have the custom encounter selected for the text to appear.
  • Animation update fixes her genitals and the male character design. Boobs are more jiggly.
  • You can now also select any of the 11 standard encounters and play them in any order in the new screen.
  • Lovense compatibility. Any lovense toy that works with the lovense remote app is compatible.
  • A visual update to the game with updated boobs, updated fur and shading. A touchup to IS before public release.
  • Two new secret NTR Settings: IS Cheating on the Mayor, and the Mayor cheating on their GF with IS.
  • Accessories are now saved, closing the app no longer resets them
  • IS’s face, eyes and color has been adjusted slightly.
  • There’s a new option for a different fur pattern on IS’s legs (Accessory type)
  • The new accessories are selected by going into the β€œmore” button that appears once all default items are unlocked (Play the game through 6 times with any dialog)


3 Screenshots from the game showing Isabelle Enjoying herself as Island Secretary

Xvideos video of the 1.5 Accessory Update:

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