Interdimensional Engineer

Interdimensional Engineer Logo and Preview

Interdimensional Engineer is my new in-progress adult porn game, where you can dress up a cute alien in sexy outfits and breed her in the Galactic Bar! The game now includes the tapping mode – tap to the thrusting to breed her as best you can! Depending on how well you do, you’ll hear one of the 13 unique endings, with 2 secret endings.

All dialog and actions are voiced by the lovely voice work of JackieSpyceVA. The game works on Android, Windows and MacOS.


Interdimensional Engineer is pumping herself up to meet a guy to continue the Lombax race. She meets her date in the bar – he quickly picks her up and has her way with her, holding her up to the wall. She’s super into it, especially with everyone in the bar being able to see!

There is a free demo you can try for Windows and Android (32-bit) Here:

The versions below, including 64-Bit versions for android, are for people supporting me through a support site:

Latest Version – Interdimensional Engineer 1.99 Lovense + Saves Update:

Main Features:

  • New: The lovense update is now live! Any toy compatible with the Lovense Remote app will work – the game has patterns for the breeding encounters, and all the blowjob actions – you’ll feel the toy respond to actions in the game.
  • New save system – 3 accessory save slots to keep your personal favorites handy.
  • Control the action and feel the blowjob through the vibration mode on mobile. You’ll be able to access the new mode through a button on each encounter. You can do the blowjob action before or after the breeding session.
    • If she’s wearing a choker / neck accessory, it will break on BJ start. returning to the main scene will allow you to put a new one on.
  • Full breeding interaction in the bar, Fully voiced by JackieSpyce – Dynamic dialog across 4 encounters – IE returns to her date over 4 nights to make sure she’s properly bred, each encounter has unique dialog (32 lines) with the following modifiers:
    • Public or Private Bar Settings change dialog
    • Cuckolding (Optional Toggle)
    • In the tapping game mode, how well you are doing in the game
  • Tapping Game Mode – Tap to the thrusting to breed IE. The more successful taps, the more excited IE will be at the end. There are several unique dialogs for each ending (Bad, Good and Perfect) for a total of 13 possible endings. There are two secret endings.
  • Vibration to all the animation on the android version
  • Subtitles option
  • Internal view / Xray option toggle
  • Unlock / progression system – Points earned by playing the game are used to unlock HEARTBEAT
    • HEARTBEAT 2 – Unlock all accessories
    • HEARTBEAT 3 – Unlock club mode & music from the menu
  • Kissing interactions with head patting & tummy rubbing
  • Boob size options
  • Over 50 accessory options – Latex, Bras, Thigh Highs and more.
    • New lactation accessory option, big tummy options, blindfolds and piercing options
  • Customizable male character: Furry, Pale, Dark.
  • New: Customize your encounter with the encounter editor – Select every moan and dialog tailored to exactly how you like it on the 5th encounter.
  • Eye options and behavior settings
  • Fully working futa mode (Cums when she cums)
1.5 Update Gameplay Screenshot
  • cum outside option now added! Hear 5 new outside dialogs
  • Lombax style options for guy body
  • Replay the current encounter without going back to the menu (useful to play again with coom on IE)
  • New option, set the size of the x-ray box in the menu (Normal, Larger, Biggest & Smaller)
  • Nerfed the timing window on the tapping game, the tap timing window is much larger now
  • Bug fixes, the most notable being: – Fixed a bug where the set_cum head transition was bugged. Fixed a bug where quitting to the menu didn’t clean up IE on the next meeting.
  • God tier dialog is now in the game for applicable supporters (Use your code to activate, if you have trouble please message me!)

With each update I will add mods and more accessories. My plan for the next update is to further expand on the points system, where you will be able to spend them to get even more accessories. I also plan to add a Blowjob scene sometime soon in the future. Your support on this game will help future development!

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