Bandicoot Buddy – Coco Bandicoot Adult Game

Bandicoot Buddy 1.2.1 Logo

Bandicoot Buddy is an adult mini-game where you can dress up Coco in a few outfit options while she rides her new invention, a pleasure robot she designed! The game has had a lot of updates, there plenty of outfit options, the wumpa mode is now compolete, and the cum outside option is done. The current version has 3 unique dialog trees, on the 3rd round, coco enters the bonus mode, a little reference to the game.


On coco bandicoot’s 18th birthday, she decided to treat herself. She’s developed an android robot that runs on butter, that can pleasure her with different functions. Now she just needs to try it out! Why did she decide to try this out in the forest? I think she might want someone to see her achievements …

If people enjoy the game, it can be updated with more functions.

The game is available for Android, Windows and MacOS and all interactions are fully voiced featuring the talented work of CottontailVA. I’m still working on this game and making regular updates. There is a free demo for all platforms you can try here. The full versions below are for Patreon supporters:

Bandicoot Buddy Latest Version – 1.3 Interactions Update

Some screencaps of coco riding her new robot 'bandicoot buddy'

Current features in Bandicoot Buddy 1.3:

  • All animation has choreographed vibration on Android
  • Subtitles
  • Full cowgirl POV scene with 3 dialog variations, cum inside and outside options
  • Wumpa mode! When the bonus mode is on, a new button will appear on the top right – turn this on so coco will collect wumpas, finish in this mode for +3 cum times.
  • Interactions:
    • Head Patting
    • Kissing
    • Boob Caressing
    • Pussy Licking
  • A bunch (~60) accessories. New buttons so that 3 sets of accessories can be mixed together!
  • Boob size options
  • Futa mode (use code in credits menu)
  • Customizable male character: Robot, Skin Simulation (Pale, Tanned, Dark), Ghost Dick options
  • Background and music toggle off/on
  • Limit dialog mode so that coco doesn’t talk. It will also stop her from saying any of her idle lines.
    • (1.1) Idle lines are spoken at half the frequency (it becomes obvious when you spend time accessorizing coco for a long while)
  • New Game Mode for Windows – Desktop Buddy Have Bandicoot Buddy sit on your desktop at all times, waiting to be interacted with, while you work!
Coco in her summer bikini... Well, she is Australian after all!

With each update I will add mods and accessories. Your support on this game will further development, and you’ll see more options and accessories release in time! (See my gadget game for my long-term support on these games)

Bandicoot Buddy Screenshot 1 - 10% Power!
Bandicoot Buddy Screenshot 2 - Enable vibration mode!

I really hope you enjoy this release of Bandicoot Buddy, and I’m excited to bring you more updates in the near future 🙂

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