Interdimensional Engineer Gameplay

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I’ve made a big update to Interdimensional Engineer:

Tapping Game Mode. Tap to the thrusting to breed IE. The more successful taps, the more excited IE will be at the end. There are several unique dialogs for each ending (Bad, Good and Perfect) for a total of 13 possible endings. There are two secret endings.

  • Dynamic dialog across 4 encounters – IE returns to the human over 4 nights to make sure she’s properly bred, each encounter has unique dialog (32 lines) with the following modifiers:
    • Public or Private Bar Setting
    • Cuckolding Toggle
    • In the tapping game mode, how well you are doing in the game
  • Unlock / progression system – Points earned by playing the game are used to unlock HEARTBEAT
    • HEARTBEAT 2 – Unlock all accessories
    • HEARTBEAT 3 – Unlock club mode & music from the menu
  • More Accessories – A total of 54 Accessories available
  • Added the ability to set male body color, dick type & visibility separately.
  • Head patting and belly rubbing available before the action is started.
  • In interactive mode, IE’s post-cum attitude can be selected at your preference.
  • New Codes that do extra things when entered + enabled. (Futa, extra music, unlockall, etc.)

The game runs on Android, Windows, and MacOS (No flash required)

I really hope you enjoy!

For more information on the game please check out the whole page on it here!


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