PocketSweeties with Fairy FINDR

Fairy FINDR is a game about breeding and collecting your favorite characters. Each main scene has two camera views to explore the action and feel close to your favorite PocketSweeties. It can be played on your Android phone, so your favorite characters can have fun with you from anywhere, right from your pocket!

Shantae in PocketSweeties

You’ll swipe and match with different fairies, meet them in a magical forest, and give in to your darkest desires. Let them ride you until you fill them to their limit, or use magic to let them grow into their shortstack form for full penetration. Slap, kiss and pet your fairies and level them up into super sluts.

The game has the following kinks and actions:

  • Squirting
  • Extreme size difference
  • Cum inflation on her
  • Edgeplay on you
  • Internal view (X-Ray) and optional egg view
  • Fully voiced scenes with bratty / sassy dialog (Over 100 unique dialog lines so far)
  • Breeding
  • Futanari toggle
  • Small, medium and large boobs

Best PocketSweeties on Fairy FINDR:

New – Playable Midna PocketSweetie

Midna is now a playable character in Fairy FINDR! The little Twili Imp has escaped the mirror and is desperate for some human attention. Will you be able to satisfy her? Midna is compatible with all previous scenes, so you’ll be able to cumflate her, spank her ass and fuck her in shortstack mode. There’s custom text dialog boxes for all of her actions, or you can toggle the normal fairy dialog for her instead.

The game also have Lovense support, which means lovense-app compatible toys will connect and vibrate along to every sexy action. Use toys like the Max 2 to connect and feel every thrust into your sexy fairies.

Play with these characters now in the update – Fairy FINDR Shortstack Magic [Build 150]

  • All characters are 18+ years old and are all consenting in their actions.
  • You have to be 18+ years old to play this game.
  • This game is for Android, Windows and MacOS.

Your support on Patreon is what makes these games possible. Without you, none of these games would exist. Thank you, and I will continue to make sexy games for all of us ❤️

Fairy FINDR Logo

[Fairy FINDR is an original game that does not copy UI design and layout, patreon tiers, meta descriptions, or any other assets, unlike some other game that may have a similar name to a feature on this page…]