Interdimensional Engineer 1.7 – Custom Encounter Editor Instructions

How Do I use the Encounter Editor?

In the latest Interdimensional Engineer update, you can now create your own night encounter using moans and dialog from the previous 4 encounters combined. You must have HEARTBEAT 3 unlocked before the icon to open the custom editor becomes available. Please review the picture below:

Basic Steps

Start by listening and viewing the moans and dialog in the Available list. you can then start constructing your own encounter by tapping the plus icons. If something has a length more than 1, the following items after it will be skipped over (For example, a dialog with length 3 will skip over the following 2 pleasure numbers, but they do need to be filled out with something)

Once the encounter list is filled up to 99, you can hit the save & play button. This will save your custom encounter to your save file.

Selecting all the text in the import/export box and deleting it, and pressing apply will wipe the encounter list.

Import / Export

The encounter editor includes a way to share your custom sets with other people, or save custom ones outside of the game. Make sure to select the entire text block (you may need to scroll down over the entire textbox). and copy + paste it into a text document or paste website. to import, make sure the box is empty, and paste an entire set into the box, and press ‘apply’. This feature is still experimental, so please try not to put any non JSON stuff in this box, or you might cause problems or crash the game entirely.


Unlike the premade encounters, you can mix slow, medium and fast actions together. If you like, you could create an entire encounter just made up of fast actions, or perhaps a set of slow actions, depending on your taste!