Fairy FINDR Roadmap

Thank you for your interest in my game! Fairy FINDR is still in development, i’ll be keeping track of all the features i’ve added and plan to add here.

First Release Features

  • Swiping minigame with the first set of fairy types (Pale, Medium skin and dark skin fairies)
    • Clothing sets, eye colors, hair colors, boob sizes and piercing options
    • Full bios with description of the fairy, age, name, etc.
  • The first scene, which will introduce your chosen fairy rubbing you off in her smallest size, with or without a partner depending on the fairies preference in her bio. (AKA the ‘bodyjob’ scene)
  • A cum scene that will either shower the lower fairy, or optionally cum knob-to-pussy on your fairy, or vaginally inserted. The fairies will level up with each session, you’ll need to level them up for the fairy to be able to handle insertion.
  • A phonebook that will keep a list of visited fairies. When the scene is over, the fairy will give you her number.
  • The first release will feature ‘SultryLamp’ as the first voice actor. The lower fairy will be voiced by PixieWillow only for first release.
  • Lovense patterns for the first scene

Future Fairy FINDR Features

Interactions: licking your tongue over her body, single finger head pats, kissing, two finger boob rubbing, vaginal licking.5%
A ‘wardrobe’ feature where you spend earned pixiepoints to customize fairies with clothing, piercings, glasses and makeup.95%
Add “PixieWillow” and “KumBomb” voice actors to the main fairy, making them part of the fairy generation.10%
‘Top Pick’ Fairies such as Crysta, Shantae, Zelda, Glaceon — Provide FINDR numbers90%
Phone numbers – The ability to upload fairies to my website, and you get their phone number. You can then give out the phone number to other users to share your fairies. Plus it’ll work like a cloud save too.100%
A new 3rd fairy can appear and receive oral from your chosen fairy, with unique dialog from different voice actors (This may be scrapped as I am reaching the limit on what flash can render per frame effectively on mobile)0%
1/26 chance of a mini goblin girl catfishing you100%
If you Haven’t played for a while, the dialog has things about how they missed you / haven’t seen you in a while100%
Optional toggle – a fairy can have a 50% chance to become pregnant, and visibly looks so when called back (The visible look may not be possible with clothing, but i’ll give it a go)10%
Perhaps different feeling Lovense patterns randomly selected on fairy generation0%
A welcome tutorial that asks you if you like futa, and the other fringe fetishes (later you can change the settings via your edit profile screen)95%
More accessory sets, skin types, tattoos, hair etc, with references to fairies in popular media. I’m imagining boots, lingerie, fairy dresses, and more. Add freckles.Ongoing
Add a POV extreme size difference penetration or fingering scene70%
Catgirl / Mouse Fairies. Tenga Dress. Blue goblin skin.80%
The male character levels up and gives some kind of rewards75%
Futa Fairy peen options0%
Internal view / Egg view100%
Power setting for lovense > sendit code0%
Alternative tinkerbell dresses > lower skirt bits10%
Dick licking in rubbing loop0%
Bunny ears20%
Press on the tummy to push out the cum interaction at the end0%
Add a speedup code but at the cost of points not being given out or levels not progressing?0%
A shortstack scene where your chosen fairy uses magic to become larger, for a full penetration / breeding scene. If with the other fairies, they will stay small and land on her, commenting on the action90%
Blowjob scene10%

For my day-to-day, you can check out my Trello work schedule.

Early Alpha Video (Outdated):

First Release Trailer:

If you’re interested in finding out more and would like to follow along with development, consider joining my backstage patreon tier – I am posting frequently in the backstage channel on discord with updates to the fairies and how things are moving along. I’ll also be posting updates monthly until releases are made on the regular game access tier too. I hope you’ll enjoy having fun with Fairies, and thank you for your support! ❤️

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