Commission Information

“Art to Animation” Info:

Welcome, if you’ve got a piece of art you’d like animated, you’ve come to the right place! Standard rates as as follows (Prices are in USD):

Price Single Character Loops:

  • Initial character prep – Required for animating. Starting at $50
    • Image is sliced into articulation pieces, joints are underdrawn
  • 1 Loop +$50
  • Additional loops +$30 per loop
  • Cum Animation +$40
  • Lip sync animation +$30 (The VA’s rates will also apply)

Price Multiple Character Loops:

  • Initial characters prep – Required for animating Starting at $80
    • Image is sliced into articulation pieces, joints are underdrawn
  • 1 Loop +$80
  • Additional Loops +$40 per loop
  • Cum Animation +$45
  • Lip sync animation +$30 per character (The VA’s rates will also apply)

Guidelines and Restrictions

  • Unless discussed, the completed work will be made public, with a credit to the original artist, and optionally a shoutout @ to yourself if you like.
  • You either need to own the art OR you’ve gotten permission from the artist to animate the piece of work.
  • No animation to the beat – this is tricky in the sense that the animation will go off-sync, and you probably won’t be happy.
  • An action shot, something you can imagine moving will work the best.
  • Fisheye lens or strange perspectives are not recommended (like warped lens style images)
  • Sketchy, rough lines are very difficult to animate. Full color images are preferred
  • No masses of cum (lots of cum in the image is hard to animate and won’t come out that great)
  • In some circumstances i may need to adjust the artwork slightly for it to work as an animation. If the change is major, I will let you know right away. Minor adjustments like arm angles, or for example eyes hidden by hair that become visible when moving, will be adjusted without notification. I will reserve the right to my own artistic license with these adjustments (as not to bog down preparation time)

Art / Illustration / Original Animation Info

Would you like something drawn?

There are only a few things I won’t draw:

  • No scat, no vore,
  • No underage / no cub etc.
  • No technical illustration (no cars, tanks etc.)
  • No scales (just that there’s a lot involved)


Sketch – $20
Inked lines – $40
Full color – $55

Additional characters to be quoted accordingly in discussion. Art done by myself can be turned into an animation at a reduced fee, if discussed before the line work is done!

Additional Info / Portfolio

  • Video Archive
    All public videos will be archived here with current video embeds
  • Twitter
    My main point of contact for the public
  • Discord
    For instant discussion – home base for Beachside Bunnies